The Supreme Court of Zambia is the final Court of appeal and it has such jurisdiction and powers as conferred on it by the Constitution and any other law.

Establishment, Jurisdiction and sittings of Superior Courts:-

124. There is established the Supreme Court which consists of—

  • the Chief Justice;
  • the Deputy Chief Justice; and
  • eleven other judges or a higher number of judges, as prescribed.


  1. Subject to Article 128, the Supreme Court is the final court of appeal.
  2. The Supreme Court has—
    • appellate jurisdiction to hear appeals from the Court of Appeal; and
    • jurisdiction conferred on it by other laws.
  3. The Supreme Court is bound by its decisions, except in the interest of justice and development of jurisprudence.


  1. The Supreme Court shall be constituted by an uneven number of not less than three judges, except when hearing an interlocutory matter.
  2. The Supreme Court shall be constituted by one judge when hearing an interlocutory matter.


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